STOR-i Research Fund

Applications to the Research Fund will be competitive and require a full case for support and financial details. Successful applicants will be responsible for the management of the award and for the related reporting of outcomes. All students will receive full feedback on their application, whatever the outcome.

In addition to the obvious benefits that the students will receive from the award of funding, we believe that the process of applying for and managing grants will allow them the opportunity to practice and develop key skills they have previously acquired on the STOR-i programme.

STOR-i’s Executive Committee are responsible for selecting applications to the research fund and giving feedback to applicants.

Previous Funding Allocations




Chris Nemeth

1 month visit to collaborate with Simon Godsill at Cambridge on area on multi-target and group object tracking

Emma Ross

1 month visit to research in collaboration with Stein Wallace at the Norwegian School of Economics

Hugo Winter

1 month visit to research in collaboration with Anthony Davison at EPFL on space-time extremes.

Chris Nemeth & Rhian Davies

Euclid workshop proposal

Lisa Turner

5 weeks visit to Nedialko Dimitrov  at Univ Texas to collaborate on the area of fast approximate inference in graphical models.


Tim Park

2 month for visit to research in collaboration with Hernando Ombao, University of California, Irvine.

Jak Marshall

Leading a group of 6 STOR-i students, to fund Peter Frazier of Cornell University to visit STOR-i for 2 weeks to give a series of talks on his research how he makes impact, and for research discussions/ networking with students on Computational Stochastic Optimisation.