MRes Programme Content

The MRes component of the STOR-i programme consists of compulsory core modules and optional modules which you will find listed below. The core modules provide a firm grounding in important subjects and the diverse range of optional modules from Statistics and Operational Research allow you to specialise in subjects that particularly interest you. 

Core modules:  

STOR 601: Training for Research and Industry
STOR 602: Probability and Stochastic Processes
MSCI 536: Optimisation    
MATH 651: Likelihood Inference    
MSCI 512: Computer Simulation    
MATH 653: Bayesian Inference   
MATH 654: Computational Intensive Methods  
STOR 603: PhD Research Proposal

Optional modules: 

10 credits of modules (typically corresponding to one module) will be chosen from the following:

From Statistics:

MATH 562: Extreme Value Theory
MATH 566: Longitudinal Data Analysis     
MATH 573: Survival and Event History Analysis  

From Operational Research

MSCI 523: Forecasting  
MSCI 526: Data Mining for Marketing, Sales and Finance
MSCI 544: Logistics