Gwern Owain

Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Room: Fylde B49
Email: Email This Person

I graduated from Cardiff in 2013 with a BSc in Mathematics. During my time there, I studied a wide variety of modules, from Vector Calculus to Coding Theory but the OR and Statistics modules like Queuing Theory, Stock Control and Medical Statistics stood out in particular. This led to a summer internship at STOR-i, where I worked on a project called ‘Resource Allocation in Queuing Theory’ under the guidance of a STOR-i PhD student.

Having enjoyed the experience, I decided to apply for the STOR-i doctoral training programme the following year.
I’m interested in Medical Statistics, and on the other end of the (ethical) scale, I also find the field of OR in sports fascinating, in particular tactical and strategic analysis and their use in decision making.

During the MRes year, I would like to learn more about these areas whilst also keeping an open mind to new areas of OR and Statistics.