Here you can find details of STOR-i alumni including information about what they're up to now. 

Alex Armstrong 

Before starting my PhD at Lancaster, I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of York. My PhD focuses on revenue optimisation strategies for passenger rail services.

Alex is currently completing his thesis part-time whilst working at Morgan Stanley in their Prime Services and Funding division. 

Devon Barrow 

Soon after completing his PhD in Management Science, Devon took up a PostDoctoral Research position within the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting. During that time he conducted research into forecasting with statistical methods and artificial neural networks, while managing several applied research projects in the areas of call centre, electric load and demand forecasting. He also delivered on academic and practitioner training courses in forecasting offered through the Forecasting Centre, and presented at leading international conferences including International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) and European Conference on Operational Research, both in 2013.

Devon currently works as a Lecturer with the Strategy and Applied Management Department at Coventry Business School, and serves as Course Director for the MSc in Global Distribution Management. In addition he continues to remain research active, with publications in, and several ongoing projects aimed at leading international journals.

Saeideh Dehghan-Nasiri

I came to STOR-i after completing an MSc Operational Research at Lancaster University. My PhD was supervised by Adam Letchford and focused on problems linked to optimising vehicle routing on real road networks. I completed my PhD project in 2014 with the quality of work being recognised by me being awarded the Kingsman Prize for 2015. After my PhD I then went to work for a local start up company.

Pedro Crespo del Granado

Prior to coming to Lancaster I had academic experiences at undergraduate and masters levels in the United States, France, Switzerland, Bolivia and China. I also worked briefly as data scientist at the IADB bank. In Lancaster, I was a STOR-i associate PhD student under the supervision of Stein Wallace and Zhan Pang. My PhD thesis entitled “The value of end user energy storage from intermittent renewables: an end-user perspective in Smart Grids” applied optimization modelling and stochastic programming methods to analyse various real-life case studies (energy systems of houses and communities).

After finishing my PhD in 2014 I have been a post-doc in the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich. My project builds naturally on my PhD training as I am working in the area of integrated modelling of energy systems.

James Edwards

Before joining STOR-i I studied Mathematics at the Open University and an MSc in Management Science and Operational Research at Lancaster.

For PhD was on Bayesian sequential decision problems and the multi-armed bandit. These problems involve taking actions in sequence under uncertainty where outcomes resulting from actions gives information that can help in future decisions. This creates the need to trade-off exploration, to learn for the long term, against exploitation of current knowledge for good results in the short term. Part of this work was sponsored by Google and concerned the problem of choosing multiple website elements to display to a user.

After finishing I continued research in this area as a senior research associate at Lancaster on a project with a commercial partner on adaptive pricing.

Jamie Fairbrother

After joining STOR-i in October 2010, I undertook a PhD in the area in the are scenario generation, a problem concerned with the representation of uncertainty in decision-making problems for which I was jointly supervised by Amanda Turner and Stein Wallace. During my PhD I completed an internship at BT relating to the the calculation of maximum transmission powers of certain radio devices. Since completing my PhD in November 2015, I have taken up the position of research associate and am working on a problem in combinatorial optimization, motivated by a problem in telecommunications.

Tom Flowerdew

Before I started studying at STOR-i, I had completed a Masters degree in Mathematics and was working in the engineering sector. My PhD was industrially sponsored by ATASS Sports, and concerned how to optimally exploit profitable betting opportunities, which arise when betting on sports, and was co-supervised by Jon Tawn, Chris Kirkbride, and Kevin Glazebrook.

Since completing my PhD, I have been working as a data scientist for Featurespace, a small company based in Cambridge who specialises in building adaptive behavioural analytic models, which are used to catch fraud in financial services, insurance and gaming.

David Hofmeyr

My PhD, which I completed in 2015, was supervised by Nicos Pavlidis and Idris Eckley and looked at dimension reduction techniques for clustering and semi-supervised classification applications. After submitting my thesis I took up a position as a post-doctoral research associate within STOR-i, where I continue to work with Nicos Pavlidis. The work done in this position will look at extensions of the work done during my PhD to very high dimensional problems which arise in the modern context of "Big Data", and with particular attention to applications in bio-informatics.

Terry James

Before I started studying at STOR-i, I had completed an undergraduate Mathematics degree and was working in the civil service. My PhD was
co-supervised by Kevin Glazebrook in conjunction with Kyle Lin from the US Naval Postgraduate School. This research explored the task of identifying defensive surveillance policies that can mitigate the threats faced by adversaries in a public setting. For example, consider a surveillance resource responsible for a number of public areas, each of which is a potential target for an adversary. How should the resource be controlled given that the adversary can strike at any time in amongst any of the randomly evolving public crowds?

Since completing my PhD I have been undertaking PGCE training to become a mathematics teacher.

Rebecca Killick

I started my undergraduate degree (BSc) in Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University in 2004 and followed this with an MSc in Medical Statistics, again here at Lancaster. I then started a PhD entitled Novel methods for changepoint problems supervised by Idris Eckley (Lancaster) and Philip Jonathan (Shell) in October 2008. I completed my PhD in early 2012, then was a Senior Research Associate before taking up a lectureship in Statistics at Lancaster University in 2013. 

Karolina Krzemieniewska 

The main objective of my PhD research is classification of non-stationary time series, using wavelets. The new methods which I develop during my PhD will be used by Unilever to classify signals arising from a variety of applications. 

Karolina is now working at Perceptive Engineering. 

Ye Liu

I hold an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and an MPhil degree in Statistics from the University of Cambridge. My PhD, supervised by Jonathan Tawn, focuses on extreme value theory with application to the analysis of financial data in collaboration with Man Investments.

Ye is now working for JBA Risk as Head of Catastrophe Modelling.

Natasa Margariti

I completed an MRes in Statistics and Operational Research at Lancaster University in September 2014. My dissertation was titled 'Interfacing Multivariate Extreme with Multivariate Statistics' and supervised by Professor Jonathan Tawn. I am currently working at Moodys Analytics in Edinburgh in the B&H division as a Modelling Operations Analyst. This involves calibrating stochastic models (e.g. interest rate models, equity models) as well as developing internal processes and quality assurance routines to help automate the production of high quality content services.

Jak Marshall

Before joining STOR-i, I completed my MSci in Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University with one year studying abroad at UC Berkeley. I then went on to complete by MRes and PhD at the STOR-i DTC. 

My PhD thesis, 'Models of Intelligence Operations' was created in partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School based in Monterey, California with Roberto Szetchman acting as co-supervisor. Kevin Glazebrook and Chris Kirkbride completed my supervisory team.

The project itself was concerned with modelling intelligence gathering processes in the military using Bayesian multi-armed bandit models. The formulation of a timed-limited and mission critical investigation as a stochastic dynamic programming problem allows for solutions whereby intelligence operatives can efficiently search for crucial information before it becomes outdated.

I now work as a data scientist in the games industry, and currently work for Sega Hardlight. 

Erin Mitchell

I began my studies at Lancaster University in 2006 when I studied for my undergraduate degree in Mathematics. I fell in love with both Lancaster and statistics, and decided to stay on to complete my PhD. My research focussed on the short term prediction of wind speeds, in particular using dynamic linear models for prediction, and logistic regression for in-depth analysis of rapid wind speed changes.

Since the completion of my thesis I have moved to Hertfordshire, and I now work in a games studio, Exient Ltd. We have recently released 'Angry Birds Go!' and will soon be releasing many more huge titles to the mobile market. I work as a data scientist/game analyst - I collect data from players to analyse the way in which they play and spend, and to optimise future improvements to our games. I get to be involved in the design, development and analysis of our games, with my work ranging from reporting on how our games are performing, to designing and balancing new levels.

Chris Nemeth

I completed my PhD at the STOR-i CDT in 2014 under the supervision of Professor Paul Fearnhead. My PhD was industrially sponsored by MBDA and focused on parameter estimation for nonlinear state-space models with applications to target tracking.

After completing my PhD I was a STOR-i Impact Fellow before beginning my current role as a lecturer in Statistical Learning in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. I research problems related to Bayesian inference. In particular, Gaussian processes, Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms and sequential Monte Carlo, with a focus on applications around intractable likelihood problems and big data scenarios.

Gwern Owain

Gwern obtained his MRes in Statistics and Operational Research in 2014. He then started a PhD in the area of statistical modelling, specifically looking at models for low-count time-series, supervised by Nikos Kourentzes and Peter Neal. It was with great sadness that we received the news that Gwern died from leukemia in October 2015. Gwern is greatly missed by STOR-i students and staff.

Yiannis Papastathopoulos 

I completed my BSc in Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Piraeus in Greece. In 2009 I completed an MSc in Statistics at Lancaster University which included a dissertation titled 'A Multivariate Extreme Value Analysis on Financial Data'. My doctoral research, in collaboration with Astrazeneca, focuses on exploring safety issues that arise in clinical studies and pharmaceutical experiments. My supervisors are Jonathan Tawn and Emma Eastoe.

After my PhD I was awarded a Bristol Brunel Fellowship and in 2014 was appointed as a Chancellor's Fellow at Edinburgh.

Tim Park

I completed my PhD, supervised by Idris Eckley and partnership with Unilever, in November 2014. Soon after completing my thesis I started a career in industry with Shell Global Solutions. This job has allowed me to apply statistical methods to a wide range of applied problems in the oil and gas industry. I have also been able to keep up my academic links by publishing papers, attending academic conferences and helping to supervise PhD students.

Dan Reeve

I previously completed my undergraduate degree in Financial Mathematics at Lancaster. Between my BSc and MRes courses I completed a placement with Shell within their Statistics & Chemometrics team based near Chester. I completed the MRes in Statistics and Operational Research at STOR-i in 2011.

Dan is now pursuing a teaching career. 

Jochen Schurr 

I completed my PhD in the Management Science Department in the Lancaster University Management School. My research involved the operations of retailers, specifically applying multi-armed bandit models and Bayesian learning schemes to find better decision policies for assortment optimization.

Jochen is now pursuing a career in industry.  

Sarah Taylor 

I spent an enjoyable 7 years at Lancaster, 3 studying for my undergraduate degree in Mathematics followed by a PhD in Wavelets working alongside Idris Eckley (Lancaster) and Rob Treloar and Eric Mehers (Unilever). Since completing my PhD I moved to Nottingham and now work for Boots UK at the Head office as a Data Scientist. Within my role I am responsible for helping influence business decisions and increasing customer engagement through innovative analysis and insight. Using the Advantage Card data and other sources, I use predictive analytical techniques to understand our customers, recommend solutions for customer loyalty, business initiatives and value drivers through personalised communications.

Ross Towe

I started studying at Lancaster University in 2006 and obtained an undergraduate degree in Financial Mathematics, subsequently I continued to study an MSc in Statistics. These courses inspired me to further my studies, with my interest lying in Environmental Statistics. As a result, I then undertook a PhD entitled: ' Modelling the extreme wave climate of the North Sea', which was supervised by Jonathan Tawn and Emma Eastoe (Lancaster), as well as Philip Jonathan and Nicolas Fournier (Shell). During my PhD studies, I also completed an NERC PURE internship with the JBA Trust, which focussed on modelling the short-term clustering of flood events. Since completing my PhD, I have been working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate. The KTP is a joint appointment between Lancaster University and JBA Consulting, with the aim of developing statistical models that are able to produce spatially and temporally realistic flood event footprints.

Chiara Tumolo

The MRes at STOR-i gave me the opportunity to complete in-depth study in a variety of statistics and operational research topics. Thanks to the data mining knowledge acquired I am currently working as a credit risk analyst, developing risk models for a consulting company in Milan. 

Bethan Turner

I completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Lancaster University and I've recently completed my MRes in Statistics and Operational Research at STOR-i in 2011.

I'm now working as a Graduate Analyst at Adelphi International Research- a global market research company based in Manchester dealing with the pharmaceutical market. 

Jenny Wadsworth 

At undergraduate level I studied Mathematics at the University of Durham, followed by an MSc in Statistics at Lancaster. In the summer between graduating and coming to Lancaster I completed an internship with the Statistics and Chemometrics group at Shell. My PhD, in collaboration with Shell, focused on extreme value theory, creating new methodologies in univariate, multivariate and spatial extremes. My supervisors were Jonathan Tawn, with Phil Jonathan at Shell acting as my industrial supervisor.

After her PhD, Jenny was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland and held a Fellowship at Cambridge University, before returning to Lancaster University in 2015 as a Statistics lecturer. 

Hugo Winter

Since completing my PhD thesis, I have been working as a research engineer within the EDF Energy UK R&D Centre in London. I am working within the natural hazards team and have taken the lead on the programmes concerning extreme weather, coastal flooding and hazard combinations. As part of this job I undertake my own research in the aforementioned areas and also collaborate with many different universities across the UK and around the world. The position requires an in depth knowledge of extreme value statistics and climate science which I developed during my PhD within STOR-i.

Vladislav Vasilev 

Since completing my MRes I managed to keep the good practices I learnt at STOR-i. I am currently doing a joint masters degree between Technical University Sofia and Aalborg University Denmark in Telecommunications and I am pursuing a PhD in telecommunication networks.

Yifei Zhao 

I completed a BSc in Finance at South-western University of Finance and Economics in China followed by an MSc in Operational Research at Edinburgh University before starting a PhD at Lancaster University. My PhD research focused on investigating robust optimal solutions for stochastic integer problems, using exact methods for small size problems and developing heuristic methods for large scale problems. My supervisor was Professor Stein W Wallace.

Since completing her PhD in January 2014, Yifei has been working as an analyst for Zurich Insurance.