26th Nov 2013

STOR-i intern on Dara O'Briain's School of Hard Sums

Whilst working on the 2013 summer STOR-i internship I was emailed with an advert about applying to be on Dara O'Briain's School of Hard Sums, series three. They wanted enthusiastic young mathematicians to work alongside Dara as he solved problems set by the famous Oxford University Lecturer Marcus Du Sautoy. In the process of getting onto the show I had an audition in which I had to show off my presentation and explanation skills. I was asked to explain as simply as possible complex logic based mathematical problems on camera, something which I was well practised at thanks to the internship. They were also very impressed with my ambition to do a PhD and further my knowledge so they asked me to come and film part of the series alongside 11 other students.

Whilst filming I spoke to both Dara and Marcus as well as getting to meet the other celebrity guests. In the shows I was involved with, the comedians Kevin Bridges, Sally Phillips, Josh Widdicome and Peter Serafinowicz all came to test their mathematical knowledge against Dara’s and the students. It was a brilliant day spent solving hard mathematical problems and meeting some very talented comedians and mathematics students. I feel my participation in the internship not only gave me the confidence to apply for the show but also supplied me with the skills I needed to fully participate and enjoy the experience.

This TV episode will be televised on Dave, the 1st and 22nd April.

By Lucy Morgan

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