Here are just some of the benefits of being part of the STOR-i programme:

  • Develop the skills required to undertake research in STOR. more
  • Receive enhanced EPSRC studentships* with up to 50% more funding than most PhDs. more
  • Learn how STOR is fundamental to research in many industrial and scientific applications. more
  • Undertake research which makes a substantial impact on major industrial and scientific applications. more
  • Collaborate directly with leading industry partners, creating real potential for rapid career progression. more
  • Experience a unique, vibrant training environment at Lancaster University. more
  • Be part of a learning group, co-operating and interacting with like-minded peers. more
  • Develop vital transferable skills including team work, leadership and management skills. more
  • Work with internationally leading researchers in STOR with an excellent track record. more

  * Eligibility conditions apply.